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Creative Collaborations



A Freelance Journalist company out of the Bay Area of California that emphasizes unbiased and unfiltered news. Came to us with questions on how to grow such a news source, with the proper digital marketing and after reaching the right audience they are now able to embark on their international journeys and live off of the revenue obtained from proper Social Media Marketing.



An indie event marketing app based in London, !nvite needed a way to not only market the app to individuals on a grand scale but keep users continuing to use it as an event finding site. After reaching out to us they were pleased to find that traffic can constantly be driven to the app without needing to create a vigorously challenged marketing department. 

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NEWAVE Apparel

An urban street brand from Geneva, NEWAVE needed a middleman to configure and blueprint a plan to drive traffic in from social media to an e-commerce store. After a quick consultation we were able to not only set up a website but drive thousands of users across the social media marketplace to NEWAVE Apparel.

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